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Engine Rebuilders, Industrial Honing & General Industry since 1988 

BUNDY SALES® has developed a growthy business efficiently servicing the people of Australia and overseas with high quality engine reconditioning consumables for the automotive industry and high quality honing brushes and Industrial honing stones, honing oil, honing tool to suit Sunnen Machine (H70, H50 & W47). Our latest product is TRICKYS® Specialty Lubricants, manufactured from sustainable resources, biodegradable ingredients, environmentally safe, stick to everything, made in Australia, cheaper prices and competitive quality compared with O.E.M. product. Get started by exploring our products and information!

About Us

We are a well establish company with experience for over 27 years experience. Our operation has been changing over the years. Change is necessary for us all to survive today.

The largest change has been from 100% retail sales to 20% retail sales and 80% manufacture. Our distribution is supported by excelent facilities in Brisbane. I am a strong believer in quality products made in Australia and sold domestically and internationally.

The only products we sell that are imported are abrasives and solid carbide stock. Except for abrasive honing stones (brown aluminum oxide and black silicon carbide), we are manufacturing by ourown. Most engine and honing shops would agree prompt service these days equals the importance of price. Our workshop has full heat treatment in HSS to 65 ROC and diamond grinding for supply of solid carbide reamers, pilots in carbide or HSS, honing stones, honing tooling, honing brushes for large cylinder production. Please inquire.

Frustrated and placed on back orders? Talk to BUNDY SALES® who can supply promptly!

High quality and low priced products backed by a management with honesty and integrity offers you a service you will find hard to beat

Customer Satisfaction

Some of the largest production and jobbing engine and honing shops now buy from BUNDY SALES® because orders placed can be received locally the same day on honing stones, flexible honing tools, reamers, valve seats inserts and pilots in any size etc. Who could ask for more?

Technical details are readily available relating to catalogue stock. Orders and inquiries can be made by phone, fax or e-mail. Special items or sizes outside catalogue stock may be ordered when quoted price is agreed by signature, and paid COD.

We cannot be responsible for unavoidable price increases but you are assured we will keep them to a minimum. Using a highly efficient despatch method with overnight air service, we will help you to keep getting ahead too.


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